Month: February 2020

4 Steps To Planning A City Hall Wedding

Most weddings take place in a chapel but some couples choose to have their wedding at City Hall. This is a unique experience and very different from the traditional ways of getting married. Planning a City Hall wedding still has many of the same steps as a normal wedding.

1. Creating a Guest List

For many new couples, coming up with a guest list can be a difficult problem. The bride and groom may both have large families which can make it hard choosing who to invite to the wedding. A City Hall wedding is different. Usually, there is not a private venue so the guest list is short. This makes it important to select the right group of people to attend.

2. Making a Budget

One of the benefits of having a City Hall wedding is that they are usually less expensive. Couples should still create a budget to find out what the cost of the wedding will be. The budget can include paying for services like wedding photography, wedding videography, catering, and transportation.

3. Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Having the right wedding photography company to capture the best moments of your wedding is an important part of the wedding process. The wedding photographer can schedule a photo shoot with everyone in the wedding party. Also, you can get a Toronto City Hall wedding photographer and videographer to film the ceremony.

4. Finding The Right Attire

Choosing what to wear is a big part of planning a wedding. At a City Hall wedding, people are sometimes less traditional and wear informal clothing when getting married. Still, some couples dress formally and have matching tuxedos and a bridal dress. It’s important for couples to go over what they want the dress code to be.

Having a City Hall wedding can be successful if you properly plan it out. Couples use creative ways to make the wedding more unique and fun. This includes hiring a wedding videographer to shoot the wedding live and making artistic wedding invitations. If every detail of the wedding is organized and planned, then a City Hall wedding would be a perfect way to get married.

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