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Free Carbon Neutral Shipping on Orders over $200 in NS 🇨🇦
Free Carbon Neutral Shipping on Orders over $200 in NS 🇨🇦

About Us

Ameno® is on a mission to create the best life on earth that is humanly possible. We’re committed to getting better, and encourage our brands and customers to do the same.
Our Eco-Hub is designed to be a one-stop destination for those seeking better alternatives. Through our carefully curated collections, people can easily discover and purchase products that align with their values. From slow fashion and organic foods to human centric home decor, our platform showcases the best of Nova Scotia's sustainable offerings.
Ameno® online marketplace fosters a green ecosystem, strengthens local supply chains, and connects unique highly sustainable products and services from micro, small and medium businesses with conscious participants.
But Ameno® is more than just a website, is a movement to share the best of human creativity. We are strongly committed to building the most vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for better living. Through our initiatives, social projects and local events, we strive to inspire, educate and connect synergies so everyone can enjoy a more pleasant and better life for all.


The dream of Ameno® started in 2010 by Jonathan (John), who was a prodigy child (not any more lol) with aspergers and social anxiety (still living with this). After a long road of trials and a dark night of the soul, John had the vision to immigrate to Canada with his wife Valerie in their late 20s. As an avid supporter of social and environmental causes, John sought to create the "best life on earth" for him and others by helping organizations with noble purposes achieve positive measurable changes.

Since 2016, John and Valerie began volunteering their energy and skills as organic wwoofers in Nova Scotia and helping connect like-minded people to resources and communities of makers committed to sustainable practices. Within a few years, they helped succeed many socially responsible projects and developed a global network of supporters that continues to grow.

Today in 2024, Ameno® is launching a fully functional e-commerce platform and seeks to partner with the most important vendors in Halifax across 12 product categories. Leveraging advanced sustainability filters and rating systems, the site will empower shoppers to make purchases aligned with their values. Our innovative ethical certification program and core values manifesto further reinforce the company's status as a leader in conscientious e-commerce.
As Ameno® continues to scale, John and Valerie remain committed to their foundational vision of empowering communities and harnessing collaboration as a force for good, while empowering everyone to make ethical choices that have a real positive impact on their well-being, their environment and their local communities.
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